WEF Member Associations Send Aspiring Water Scientists to the U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize National Competition

CA Co-winner Emily Bettencourt with CWEA WEF Delegate Director Hugh Logan

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) proudly announces the 2013 state winners of the U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP)—the most prestigious youth award for a water-related science project (see complete list below). WEF Member Associations (MAs) selected and will sponsor state winners and their science teachers to attend the national competition, hosted by the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association, June 14-15, 2013, in Portland, Ore.

The purpose of the SJWP program is to increase students’ interest in water-related issues and research and to raise awareness about global water challenges. The competition is open to projects aimed at enhancing the quality of life through improvement of water quality, water resources management, water protection, and water and wastewater treatment.

“WEF congratulates these talented state winners, who represent some of the most innovative thinking in water science today,” said WEF President Cordell Samuels. “We wish them the best of luck at the national competition and are very grateful to our Member Associations for their tremendous support of this important program. WEF’s continued support for the SJWP underscores our commitment to the development of future professionals in the water sector.”

The U.S. winner will receive $10,000 (USD) and an all-expense-paid trip to Stockholm, Sweden with their teacher for the international competition as well as the opportunity to present their research to water quality experts at WEFTEC® 2013—WEF’s 86th annual technical exhibition and conference—this October in Chicago, Ill.. Two finalists will receive $1,000 each.

The Bjorn von Euler Innovation in Water Scholarship Award, a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Xylem Inc., will be awarded to the SJWP state winner who demonstrates a passion for education, spirit of creativity, and innovation.

In the United States, WEF and its Member Associations organize the national, state, and regional SJWP competitions with support from Xylem Inc., also the international sponsor. The national winner will represent the United States at the international competition in Stockholm, Sweden during World Water Week, September 1-6, 2013. The international winner will receive $5,000 (USD) presented during a royal ceremony by the prize’s Patron HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

For more information about SJWP, visit www.wef.org<http://www.wef.org/>.

United States 2013 Stockholm Junior Water Prize State Winners


Yasminye Pettway

The Effects of Green Roofs on Stormwater Runoff Quality Alabama School of Fine Arts Teacher – Shawn Wade Sponsored by the Alabama Water Environment Association


Chelsea Parrocha and Taylor Seitz

Potential Lateral Flow Test Design for the Detection of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Polaris K-12 Science Teacher – Aaron Kallas Sponsored by the Alaska Water Wastewater Management Association


Katelyn Boisvert

Using Environmental Waste as Adsorbents to Remove Contaminants from Water Chandler Preparatory Academy Science Teacher – Sarah Thompson Sponsored by the AZ Water


Roshaneh Ali

Cleaning the Oil Spill: Part II

Little Rock Central High School

Science Teacher – Patrick Foley

Sponsored by the Arkansas Water Environment Association


Emily Bettencourt and Vernon Wetzell

Water Desalinization using Capacitive Deionization with Graphene Electrodes De La Salle High School Science Teacher – Victoria Acquistapace Sponsored by the California Water Environment Association


Hope Weinstein

Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticle Embedded Polyethersulfone Membranes for Water Filtration: Isolating Casting Parameters to Optimize Performance Fairview High School Science Teacher – Paul Strode Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association


Gabrielle Liflander

Novel Creation of a Hydrocarbon-Soaking Paper for Remediation and Reuse of Soluble Light Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Water Greenwich High School Science Teacher – Andrew Bramante Sponsored by the New England Water Environment Association


Zachary Loeb

Preventing the Reproductive Failure of Aquatic Life from the Global Threat of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds through Catalytic Waste Water Treatment (Year 4) Viera High School Science Teacher – Elizabeth Youngs Sponsored by the Florida Water Environment Association


Malcolm Barnard

Utilizing an Algal Filter to Improve Water Quality Johns Creek High School Science Teacher – Tim Maley Sponsored by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals


Summer Mundon

The Vapor Precipitator

St. Andrews Priory

Science Teacher – Crystal Stafford

Sponsored by the Hawaii Water Environment Association


Anna Gupta and David Lisk

An Egg-Based Water Filter


Science Teacher – Mark Carlson

Sponsored by the Illinois Water Environment Association


Claire Rice

“Possible Effects of Graphene Oxide Ingestion on Behavior and Physiological Processes in Daphnia magna and the Developmental Effects of Graphene Oxide on Triop Eggs”

John Adams High School

Science Teacher – Nevin Longenecker

Sponsored by the Indiana Water Environment Association


Kelsey Bryant

The Effectiveness of Moringa oleifera in Purification of Turbid Water Central Lee High School Science Teacher – Alicia Schiller Sponsored by the Iowa Water Pollution Control Association


Kristen Spies

Desalination of Seawater for Irrigation of Greenhouse Food Crops in Isolated Coastal Deserts Blue Valley North High School Science Teacher – Janet Cyr Sponsored by the Kansas Water Environment Association


Monica McFadden

Biobarrier Filtration of Water Contaminants Notre Dame Academy Science Teacher – Sr. Mary Ethel Parrott Sponsored by the Kentucky-Tennessee Water Environment Association


Laurie Lyon

The Effect of the Closure of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) on the Distribution of Salinity in Lake Pontchartrain St. Joseph’s Academy Science Teacher – Linda Messina Sponsored by the Louisiana Water Environment Association


Nathan Dee

Spectrofluorometric Study on the Interaction between Pharmaceuticals and Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) in Water Bangor High School Science Teacher – Cary James Sponsored by the New England Water Environment Association


Madelyn Golding and Bianca Ruspi

Clearly Cloudy

Sherwood High School

Science Teacher – James Douglas

Sponsored by the Chesapeake Water Environment Association


Amy Kopec

Fleece in the Sea

Wachusett Regional High School

Science Teacher – Nicholas Guerin

Sponsored by the New England Water Environment Association


Michael Yu

Adsorption of Natural Organic Matter from Water Using Iron Oxide Columns Athens High School Science Teacher – Susan Masten Sponsored by the Michigan Water Environment Association


Samantha Woog

Designing a Novel Microbial Nanochemical Pathway for Aerobic Water Bioremediation John Marshall High School Science Teacher – Eric Stanslaski Sponsored by the Central States Water Environment Association


Elizabeth Moore

Biomonitoring of Weeks’ Bayou Subwatershed — Chemical and macroinvertebrate analyses show resilience to major stressors.

Ocean Springs High School

Science Teacher – Bryan Butler

Sponsored by the Mississippi Water Environment Association


Sara Abbett

Black is the New Green: Developing a Feasible Biochar Production System Tuscumbia High School Science Teacher – Constance Wyrick Sponsored by the Missouri Water Environment Association


Triston Isakson

Cutthroat Trout Re-Introduction Phase III- Modeling Fairfield Public School Science Teacher – Raimund Hahn Sponsored by the Montana Water Environment Association


Brooke Pieke

The Effect of Lemnaceae on the Reduction of Nitrates in the Shell Creek Newman Grove High School Science Teacher – Karen Malmkar Sponsored by the Nebraska Water Environment Association


No winner

Entries did not meet competition qualifications Sponsored by the Nevada Water Environment Association

New Hampshire

Deepika Kurup

UV-Vis Photocatalytic System that Purifies Water Even in Dark Nashua High School South Teacher – Linda Polewarczyk Sponsored by the New England Water Environment Association

New Jersey

Michelle Moffa

A Point-of-Use Water Filter for Developing Countries – Year III: Improving Effectiveness, Practicality, and Sustainability of Arsenic-Removing Biosand Filters Holy Spirit High School Science Teacher – Donna Ljoka Sponsored by the New Jersey Water Environment Association

New Mexico

Jessica Cleal

The Growing Capabilities of Grey Water

V.Sue Cleveland High School

Science Teacher – Angelica Lopez

Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association

New York

Matthew Caito, Harrison Kyle, and Alexandra Yourdon Cascading Pre-filters for Bio-Sand Filters Clinton-Essex County 4H STEM Science Teacher – Matt Cauthorn Sponsored by the New York Water Environment Association

North Carolina

Christie Jiang

Chitosan-modified Cellulose as Adsorbent to Collect and Reuse Nitrate from Groundwater North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Science Teacher – Myra Halpin Sponsored by the North Carolina Water Environment Association

North Dakota

Gage Metzen

Aquatic Plants: Today’s Solution to River Pollution Hankinson Public School Science Teacher – Wendy Friskop Sponsored by the North Dakota Water Environment Association


Alyssa Armstrong

The Effect of Sewage Sludge on Lettuce Growth and Earthworm Toxicity Canfield High School Science Teacher – Erin Angelo Sponsored by the Ohio Water Environment Association


Leah Huling

Titanium Dioxide Nano- and Microparticles: Transport and Fate in Wastewater Treatment Systems Ada High School Science Teacher – Scott Huling Sponsored by the Oklahoma Water Environment Association


Anirudh Jain

Sulfidation as a novel method to reduce toxicity of silver nanoparticle pollution Catlin Gabel School Science Teacher – Veronica Ledoux Sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association


Maya Rao

A Microbial Approach to Quantification of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds Hempfield High School Science Teacher – Neal Kuhn Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association

Puerto Rico

Mario Font-Martin, Kiera Camareno-Vargas, and Viviana Gratacos- Blanco Use of Rhizophora Mangle Propagules as Bioremediators of Soils and Water Bodies Infected by Staphylococcus Aereus: Sustainable Approach to Reduce Human Exposure to the Bacteria Robinson School Science Teacher –Dorimar Torres Sponsored by the Puerto Rico Water & Environment Association

Rhode Island

No winner

Entries did not meet competition qualifications Sponsored by the New England Water Environment Association

South Carolina

Matthew Hunter

Anaerobic Biodegradation of 1, 2 Propanediol: A Preliminary Microcosm Study Academic Magnet High School Science Teacher – Katharine Roop Sponsored by the Water Environment Association of South Carolina

South Dakota

Jenna Duncan and Alyssa Steward

Micro and Macro Survey Analysis of Various Bodies of Water Northwestern Area Science Teacher – Denise Clemens Sponsored by the South Dakota Water Environment Association


Vijaya Dasari

Purifying Bath Water for Iterative Use

White Station High School

Science Teacher – Crystal Davis

Sponsored by the Kentucky-Tennessee Water Environment Association


Kushal Kadakia

Heavy Metal Removal Using Fe3O4 Nanoparticles II Clear Lake High School Science Teacher – Brenda Pinchbeck Sponsored by the Water Environment Association of Texas


Taylor Murdock

Fingerprinting Oil Wells

Wasatch High School

Science Teacher – Kimberly Conlin

Sponsored by the Water Environment Association of Utah


Basundhara Murkherjee

The Effects of Aluminum Sulfate on Ceriodaphnia Dubia South Burlington High School Science Teacher – Curtis Belton Sponsored by the New England Water Environment Association

Virgin Islands

Selesha Subniak

Salty Water to Tasty Water!

The Good Hope School

Science Teacher – Jane Coles

Sponsored by the Virgin Island Water and Power Authority


Valentina Lohr

Greening Greywater: Testing Filtration Systems to Protect Earthworm Food Supply H-B Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Science Teacher – Barbara Wood Sponsored by the Virginia Water Environment Association


Anjani Patel

Cleaning Up Various Oil Spills Using Bioremediation Cedarcrest High School Science Teacher – Jeff Wehr Sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association

West Virginia

Peter Welker

Oxidative Attack and Elimination of Bisphenol A by Manganese Dioxide Parkersburg South HS Science Teacher – Michael Lutz Sponsored by the West Virginia Water Environment Association


Sarah Organ and Isabella Cafaro

Reducing Escherichia coli and Fecal Coliform Contamination at South Shore Beach Divine Savior Holy Angels High School Science Teacher – Betty Jo Azpell Sponsored by the Central States Water Environment Association


Alex Henkle and Anna Henkle

The Effect of Bioremediation on Heavy Metals NHS Science Teacher – James Stith Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association

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