WEF President Ed McCormick Offers Preview of Nutrient Symposium in San Jose

President Ed McCormick

Q&A with WEF President and CWEA member Ed McCormick about the July 26-28 WEF Nutrient Symposium in San Jose

Why is this an important seminar for California professionals?

Nutrient management is now an important consideration for California water professionals – both nutrient removal and resource recovery. We’re looking for lower energy nutrient removal strategies.

One of the things people say about this issue is “pick your poison” – do you want to remove nutrients or do you contribute to climate change with the higher energy and chemical demands of nutrient removal? Which provides the greatest net environmental benefit? This seminar will be an important discussion about the future with a variety of examples of how water professionals are tackling this challenge.

I’m also interested to learn more about the nutrient permit trading systems and the symposium will feature speakers from the Bay Area looking at that approach along with examples from across the country.

Are their speakers you look forward to hearing from?

Charles Bott, HRSD

The opening session features speakers from the Chesapeake Bay and San Francisco Bay. I’m always excited to hear what Dr. Charles Bott has to say (Chief of Research and Development at the Hampton Roads Sanitation District in Virginia) – his agency is always on the leading edge.

The program  features great speakers from nutrient hot spots across the country and abroad. I’ll be interested to see what the Chicago folks are presenting – they’re developing one of the largest phosphorus recovery facilities in the world.

What roles does WEF play on this topic?

When I travel North America, nutrient removal is typically in the top two or three issues of concern for most  water professionals.

WEF believes in staying on the cutting edge of technology. Let’s develop the technologies we’re getting more excited about and are going to become real world solutions. Let’s learn from one another.

I want to see, two to three years from now, relatively low cost/low energy mainstream nutrient removal in practice, not just sidestream removal. What will it take to get us there?

Knowing this was an issue of growing importance, WEF embarked on a process in 2013 to develop a Nutrient Roadmap to smarter nutrient management.  The free, downloadable primer is available at www.wef.org/nutrient roadmap and the accompanying guidance manual will be debuted at the Nutrient Symposium. This is the second of WEF’s series of roadmaps addressing resource recovery challenges for the sector.  I look forward to seeing all of you in San Jose!

Thanks Ed!

Ed will provide the welcome message for the Nutrient Symposium. The symposium is in San Jose, July 26-28 and a welcome kick-off event is on Sunday evening.

To learn more visit www.WEF.org/nutrient

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