What does it take to be a Water Resource Recovery leader?

According to Nick Hansen, CWEA member and blogger-in-chief for the popular website recycledh2o.net, he states in his recent post about Delta Diablo as a water resource recovery leader, all it takes is four simple steps:

  1. Recover as much water from wastewater influent as you
  2. Utilize the resources from the waste to do something sustainable
  3. Recover power using a renewable process
  4. Be a leader while doing so

They create high quality recycled water for parks, schools, sporting facilities and industrial use. They receive fats, oils and grease from restaurants and a local commercial rotisserie establishment to aid in biogas production in digesters and also installed two massive solar arrays to generate clean electricity from the sun. On top of that, Delta Diablo is the lead agency for recycled water policy change in the western United States and are staying tuned in to their local communities in the process.

Nick references our codigestion article quoting Greg Kester, Director of Renewable Resource Programs at CASA,  “There has been a steady increase in co-digestion, especially with FOG and in some cases, food wastes. New costs for co-digestion of FOG are pretty minimal, generally. But through the use of existing digesters, new anaerobic digesters generally don’t have to be built, and there are new options like converting the biogas to transportation fuel (that may help make co-digesting cost positive).”

View Nick’s full article about Delta Diablo as a water resource recovery leader here.

Nick is looking for more agencies to profile. If you would like your agency to be profiled by RecycledH2O, please contact him at facebook.com/recycledh2o.

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