Why attend the WEF/AWWA Utility Management Conference

Ed McCormick, Past President of WEF gives us important reasons to attend the WEF/AWWA Utility Management Conference.
  1. Why is a national utility managers conference important for California water professionals?

The reason this conference is important is it brings together several hundred water leaders and managers from across the continent where they can network and exchange knowledge with one another. Water leaders need to be here – this is the best conference focused on water utility leaders.

Ed McCormick, WEF Immediate Past President

Ed McCormick, WEF Immediate Past President

It also brings together a wide cross section of leaders in one place – drinking water, wastewater, recycled water and stormwater. This is truly a place where we’re looking towards integrated water management.

  1. Why host it here in California?

Other states have experienced droughts and ground water decline before we did. This conference is a chance to learn from each other about how to build water resource resiliency.

Some of the most exciting water technologies and innovations are happening outside of California. Those water innovators are coming to this conference to share what they’ve learned. You’ll learn good, practical knowledge about how to become a better manager for your utility.

The reality is there’s a sea-change going on within the world of water. We are moving to – and really accelerating toward – water resource recovery. This conference will cover how to lead your utility forward into the utility of the future.

The big change is thinking of a utility as a green factory – we have products that will benefit the community and recovering those resources can be a strong benefit for the bottomline. Across the US and Canada we’re seeing this change in thinking spreading rapidly.

If you’re a member of a utility’s executive management team or a consultant or a manufacturer – you can’t find a more valuable network of leaders than at the Utility Management Conference. There will be hundreds of utility leaders all in one place.

  1. Who should attend the Utility Management Conference?

Utility managers who are looking for great ideas. If you’re searching for ways to become more cost effective and how to move to the Utility of the Future, the UMC is the conference for you.

I think this is also a great conference if you’re moving into a leadership position – here’s an opportunity to learn from the best in the business and start to build connections with other leaders.

  1. Which Utility Management Conference session do you most look forward to?

I like the panel and interactive sessions. In Austin last year at the Utility Management Conference the sessions were set-up to be very interactive, and I really enjoyed those conversations. The group discussions provide insights into what peer utilities are doing. It’s a chance to learn from each other and building your future network. By getting to know other leaders from across the nation you can tap into that network when you’re working on an issue. Reach out to others and get sound advice. The conference for me has been a way to triple my rolodex of connections.

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