Why is now a great time to be a young water professional?

Twitter-Linked-in-AC16-students-promoNow is a great time to be a young water professional.  Why? As the Baby Boomers start to retire there are so many new opportunities available in the water sector. According to WEF and AWWA about 30% of the water workforce will retire over the next few years.

So how can young professionals get their foot in the door?

At the 2016 Annual Conference in Santa Clara you can network, learn and have some fun with 2,000 water professionals from across California. Put your career on the fast track and get involved in CWEA. Our Conference Chairs and the Students & Young Professionals Committee have put together an outstanding list of events and training sessions. This is a networking event you don’t want to miss.

If you register before April 11th you’ll get the pre-conference price.

Upload your resume for agencies to view before you arrive.

Check out the full list of activities planned JUST FOR YOU! And be sure to visit the website http://myac16.org/ac16-sessions-and-events-for-young-professionals/ to find out more about all the sessions planned.



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