AC19: Game On! Level Up Your Career at Annual Conference

This year’s Annual Conference theme is GAME ON! LEVEL UP, chosen by CWEA President Connie Leonard.

In the spirit of the conference theme, we’ve come up with a guide to AC19 based on popular video games. AC is April 9-12 at the Palm Springs Convention Center.


So, what kind of gamer are you?


You can devour hundreds of hours of training over the four days of AC19. Learn new skills so you can chase away those scary ghosts of problems plaguing your plant! View sessions >


Get in the game and get focused on cool, new technology inside the exhibit hall. At this year’s California Water Technology Exhibition you can check out 120+ technology booths and see the latest vendor solutions. Score a touchdown by winning a great door prize. View exhibit hall info >


It’s time to have some fun. We have 10 networking and special events planned for AC19 in beautiful Palm Springs. During the day, we focus on education. In the evenings, we’ll have some fun at receptions and special events. View the networking events >


Plumbers running around underground trying to save the world from falling apart as everything comes crashing down? Hey, sounds exactly like our profession! Learn new skills in operations, maintenance and collection systems at AC19. View the Tuesday pre-conference workshops >


Get incredible value from AC19. Search for the best workshops and sessions and bring some shiny valuables back to your plant. Learn about new projects, new skills and gain valuable knowledge. View sessions >


Honestly, we have no idea what this is. If you do – great! Attend the conference and make connections with water pros young and seasoned and build your professional network. We work as one big, happy clean water family, so jump in and level up your career at AC19. Register for AC19 >

GAME ON at AC19!

Not a gamer? Get to know the Students and Young Professionals at the SYP Mixer, Wednesday, April 10, 6-10pm. You can ask them; “What the heck is FORTNITE?!?”


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Just call me Alec "I am not a gamer" Mackie! The last game I played was Oregon Trail on an Apple Macintosh. If I was to develop a video game it would likely be called - "Muffin Monsters® Devour the Rag Balls", or something like that!

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