P3S Committee Accepting Applications for the Special Project Grant

The CWEA P3S Committee is awarding two to five grants for projects related to pollution prevention, pretreatment, and stormwater.  Send your application today!

It’s easy:  Download the 2-page application here.  Fill out and submit to p3s.cwea@gmail.com by October 15th, 2019.


City of LA Sewer Science Teacher Training

‘Sewer Science’ is a 5-day in-classroom workshop on wastewater treatment.  Through this grant, the City was able to run teacher-training workshops to prepare LA Unified School District teachers to make Sewer Science part of their curriculum.

Southern Orange County Wastewater Authority Watershed Model Sandbox

Through the P3S Grant, SOCWA acquired materials and equipment to build a ‘Watershed Model Sandbox’.  This interactive tool lets users create their own watershed in a sandbox – with topography and waterway images superimposed by a digital projector.  The model is a powerful education tool.


Chaparral Hills Elementary Water Education Program

The P3S Grant supported several water-education activities at this elementary school.  The students participated in a school assembly with Shows That Teach and their education program Where did the water go?  Grades 3-5 also went on a field trip to the Chino Basin Water Conservation District.  In addition, the school organized a Water Conservation night for students and parents and educated attendees on low-flow water nozzles, shower heads, rain barrels, and other ways to facilitate water conservation at home.

Surfrider Foundation (Newport Beach Chapter) Ocean Friendly Restaurant Program

The P3S Grant supported the Ocean Friendly Restaurant Program which promotes environmentally-friendly restaurant practices to reduce trash in our water ways.  Surfrider strives to involve student volunteers from local high-schools in the OFR Program.  This is a win-win-win for pollution prevention education: students, restaurants, and municipalities all benefit.

Riverside Art Museum The Art of Water Protection

Through the ART of Water Protection series, the Riverside Art Museum organized art education and community outreach projects to increase public understanding and awareness of water protection issues.  The series was held in conjunction with Earth Day celebrations and included a walk up Mt Rubidoux (a Riverside landmark) led by members of the Santa Ana River, Inland Empire Waterkeeper, and CWEA.  The museum also ran a Water-Inspired Eco Exhibit, including a Santa Ana River Diorama.

City of Coachella Coachella Valley-Wide FOG Outreach Program

The P3S Grant assisted the City of Coachella in developing a regional Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) residential outreach program.  FOG is a major environmental problem in the Coachella Valley.  By establishing a Valley-wide program, the Coachella Valley POTWs created a consistent message that informs residents of the impact FOG has on the environment.

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