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California's water professionals are responding to the State's droughts, declining water supplies and erratic weather with a new philosophy called One Water.

Drinking water, wastewater and stormwater traditionally are managed separately. Today, we view them all as one water. Across the State communities are planning to integrate infrastructure across the water cycle. We're breaking down barriers between municipal departments and asking regulators for flexibility so we can build multi-benefit water projects.

CWEA members believe all water has value and should be managed in a sustainable, inclusive and integrated way.

We call this perspective One Water. By implementing the one water philosophy we can provide enough water for a growing California for generations to come.

This page has a wealth of info on One Water in California. Read, share and contribute.

One Water
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"We shouldn't judge water by its history, but by its quality." — Paul Sciuto, General Manager, Monterey One Water

"One Water LA is bringing all of us together to think about water holistically. It connects dots, drops and hearts." - Adel Hagekhalil, Asst Director, City of Los Angeles

"I believe the future will see further acceptance of one-water with less delineation between water and wastewater professions." - Juan Guerreiro, Deputy Director, City of San Diego

One Water California Resources

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