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From Monterey One Water….

Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency is proposing and recommending to its members that
the Agency’s name be changed. The proposed name is Monterey One Water. General Manager, Paul A.
Sciuto, stated “The timing for the name change is appropriate considering the area has embraced how
precious our local water resources are becoming.” Further, “the Agency is beginning a new era of total
water management and updating the name reinforces the commitment of the Board of Directors to
participating in cooperative regional water solutions.” said Sciuto. Board Chair Rudy Fischer also echoed
Sciuto’s thoughts by adding “Water is a scarce resource along the Central Coast and the Agency is
demonstrating how to provide solutions for the Peninsulas and the Salinas Valley’s need for additional
water supplies.”

Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency was originally formed in the 1970s to help provide a
regional solution for treating member entities’ wastewater flows. Since that time, MRWPCA has been
an innovator in providing recycled water solutions for uses along the Central Coast, taking pressure off
precious water sources.

The Agency, along with the Monterey County Water Resource Agency, developed a project to aid in the
reduction of seawater intrusion into the Salinas Valley. The implementation of the Salinas Valley
Reclamation Project in the mid-1990s has provided recycled water to irrigate 12,000 acres of high value
food crops in and around the Castroville area. This project is the largest recycled water provider for
irrigated agriculture in the world.

Fast forward to 2017, on the heels of a historic five-year drought, the Agency and the Monterey
Peninsula Water Management District Board moved to initiate the Pure Water Monterey project. Pure
Water Monterey is a groundwater replenishment project that will replace 3,500 acre feet of water that
is currently being pumped out of the Carmel River. The advanced purified recycled water will be injected
into the Seaside Basin for later extraction by California American Water Company.

One of the key components for the Pure Water Monterey project is treating and reusing a variety of
wastewaters from the area for beneficial reuse. The water generated from Pure Water Monterey will
not only diversify the water portfolio for the customers on the Monterey Peninsula but will also provide
more water that can be used for agriculture irrigation.

“The One Water concept is gaining momentum across the country as regions try to develop and utilize
new water resources.” explained Sciuto. “Internally as a Board and staff, we have embraced the concept
of utilizing these additional water sources as critically important to the region’s future supply.” said
Sciuto. At the Board’s June meeting, the Directors wanted to recognize this paradigm shift in a more
visible and meaningful manner and approved Monterey One Water as the Agency’s new name.

The corresponding tagline was also approved: “Providing Cooperative Water Solutions”. The Board believes
this new name and tagline better reflect the services the Agency provides to the region.
Implementing the new name and logo will occur gradually over the coming months. The new name and
logo are shown below.

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